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American Airlines proudly participates in a wide range of sponsorship
opportunities, and civic and charitable events throughout the communities
in which we live and serve. Whether you're out to attract new customers,
trying to get existing customers to spend more or wanting to encourage
support of your nonprofit efforts, this is where American Airlines can help.
You are just a click away from getting your organization - and its cause in
front of our decision-makers. Everything you need to register your business
or organization and submit your opportunity for promotional consideration
can be found right here.

If you're already registered, simply log in. And if you're new to the site,
it's easy to get started. Just click the red "Start Here" button on the left
to get one step closer to a partnership with American Airlines.

Want To Attract New Customers? Targeting Your Market
Or maybe you want to get existing customers to spend more? Wait - how about both? When you offer miles, AAdvantage members will find you and they will spend more with you. They're just about the most perfect, motivated and devoted consumers you could ask for. And now with our new online site, even small businesses and nonprofit organizations can easily purchase AAdvantage miles over the Internet. In addition to automating mileage ordering, the new Web site also provides comprehensive information on pricing, marketing and frequently asked questions. is a great tool for businesses to learn about and purchase miles for use as a customer or employee incentive. We'll help you get the word out - and make sure the right people are listening. When you partner with AAdvantage Marketing (sm) programs, you get access to all kinds of online and offline marketing communication channels: from newsletters and direct mail to our eSummary and promotional e-mail campaigns. You can also deliver highly targeted messages to specific member segments.
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